Different Play Style

At home with a sick kiddo. My almost 3 year old asked if she could lay on the couch and play Super Monkey Ball on the Wii. I put her on practice mode and watch her run the same course over and over.

Her play style is a little different than mine. First of all she likes “watching the monkey fall in the ocean.”

Secondly, once she tires of that she places the Wiimote carefully on the couch next to her and doesn’t touch it. The monkey runs the course and if he falls out she adjusts the Wiimote slightly and watches him run it again. She has already found the sweet spot for the first and second course.

One thing I find interesting in watching this is that even though she isn’t touching the Wiimote the monkey will only successfully run the course about 75% of the time. This is after she has found the sweet spot and is no longer making adjustments. So apparently the game does not react consistently to the same inputs.