Trying New Things

It is always a challenge to get my three year old to try something new.  It goes more or less the same way every time.

“Hey Darby, they just opened a new place called Cosmic Jump!  Let’s go.”

“Cosmic Jump,” she says slowly, rolling the words around slowly.  “Cos-mic Jum-p… no it sounds boring.”

“What part of Cosmic Jump sounds boring?” I ask, surprised.

“It just sounds boring.” comes her reply.

Of course, we went and she had an absolute blast.

A few nights later I said to her, “Hey Darby, let’s go to a concert.”

“Concert,” she says slowly, rolling the word around.  “Con-cert… no it sounds boring.”

“Do you know what a concert is?” I ask.


“It’s people playing music.  It’s in the park.  I think you’ll like it.”

She shrugs, “It sounds boring.”

So we went, and she literally never stopped moving.  Another parent came up to me and said, “She’s been entertaining me all night long, but I have no idea how you aren’t exhausted.”

She had so much fun that the next night she was jumping up and down and saying, “Concert! Concert!  I want to go to another concert!”

“Well,” I replied, “Today is the Fourth of July and I wanted to take you to see fireworks.  You’ve never seen fireworks before and I really think you’ll like them.

“Fireworks,” she said, rolling the word around slowly.  “Fire-works… no it sounds boring.”

Which Cupcake?

My 3 year old and I baked cupcakes two nights ago (I let her stir the batter before I used the mixer).  Tonight I told her she could have a cupcake if she ate all her dinner.  She did, and I put out the plate of cupcakes and said, “Which one do you want?”

Her reply?  “Which one is the one I already licked?”

Why Can’t We Open The Box?

My 3 year old: “Why is the box taped shut?”
Me: “Because it’s in the store.”
Her: “But why can’t you open it?”
Me: “Because people want the box taped shut so they know it’s new”
Her: “Maybe they should put a sign on the box and write the word new on the sign.  Then we could open the box.”