Pandora’s Box

Me: “Have you ever heard the story of Pandora’s Box?”
My 3 year old: “No, tell me.”
Me: “A long time ago there was a box.”
Her: “What kind of box?”
Me: “Just a regular box, with a lid.”
Her: “Could the lid be snapped shut?”
Me: “Sure.  Anyway, the gods put all of the bad things in the world into the box.”
Her: “But what about when people are bad to each other.  That’s bad, and you can’t put that in a box.”
Me: “Do you want to hear the story?”
Her: “I want you to tell me the REAL story.  This one doesn’t make sense.”

Bedtime Negotiations

My 3 year old: “I can’t go to sleep because every Saturday when I go to sleep the blinking blue lights with big teeth come and scare me.”
Me: “Today isn’t Saturday.”
Her: “What day is it?”
Me: “It’s Wednesday.”
Her: “I can’t go to sleep. Wednesday is the day the giant rabbits come.”