Just A Spoonful Of Ice Cream

My Four Year Old: “Have you ever been to Just A Spoonful Of Ice Cream?”
Me: “No, what’s that?”
Her: “It’s a restaurant.”
Me: “Where is it?”
Her: “It’s a liittle toward Dallas, but less so. Then you turn left and go down the road for about 5 minutes. When I’m a grown up I’ll take you there.”

Wrong Ankle

My 4 year old: “My ankle bone hurts a little.”
Me: “It does?”
Her: “Yes, but it’s the wrong one.”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Her: “It’s not the one in the foot with the scrape. I think my ankle bone is in the wrong ankle.”

Remember Gravity

Life with my daughter is a constant barrage of questions.

“What do parrots eat?”

“Why does the ball fall when I drop it?”

“How do cars work?”

“Why are they goosebumps and not geesebumps?”

Every so often I get an answer instead of a question.

“Daddy,” my daughter said matter of factly, “do you know what a skylight is?  A skylight is a comet.”

“It is?” I asked

“Yes,” she replied, “when a comet falls from the sky it makes fire in the sky.  That’s called a skylight.”

But I am sad to report that at the tender age of three my daughter began showing surprise at the things I don’t know. Just the other day, she was lying in bed with a sippy cup in hand and she said, “This cup is dripping on me.”

I picked up the cup and began examining it, thinking maybe the lid had come loose and saying, “I wonder why it’s dripping.”

At this, my precious little three year old rolled her eyes and said in a shocked voice, “Dad!  Don’t you remember gravity?”

Five Words Or More

My four year old:”Putting my new My Little Pony toy top in my shirt wasn’t such a good idea because now it’s poking me in the chest.”

Her pediatrician said her 4 year old milestone was “Should be making sentences of five words or more.” I think were good.