We were going into the grocery store and I said, “Maybe you can help me find the milk.”

My four year old said, “I already know where the milk is Daddy.  You turn right at the chocolate chips, then turn left at the chocolate milk mix, and then you see the milk.”

You know what?  She was right.

It’s a Risk

My Four Year Old: “Daddy, Daddy, there’s a spider in the corner there.  Squish it.”

Me: “Why?  It isn’t hurting anyone there and it eats bugs.”

Her: “But what if after we leave it crawls up the wall and hits the light switch?  Then goes around and turns on every light in the house?”

Tree Set

Me: “What do you want for Christmas?”

My Four Year Old: “I want a snow globe, and a snowman costume, and some already cut confetti, and a tree set.”

Me: “What’s a tree set?”

Her: “You know, a set you use to build a tree with a tree house.”