Well I Guess You’re Not From The Country

I had just brought in groceries, had all of the bags on the counters, and was pulling items out of bags and putting them away.  I pulled out a bag of potatoes, and My Four Year Old said, “Oh! Can I have one of those?”

“You want a potato right now?” I asked.

“Yes please.” she replied.

So I open the bag, pull out a potato, and hand it to her.  She immediately starts banging it on the corner of the counter top.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Trying to crack it open.” she replied.

At which point I laughed and said, “Well I guess you’re not from the country.”

Describing People

Me: “What is your favorite thing at school?”

My Four Year Old: “My Art Class.  My Art teacher is really nice.”

Me: “What is your least favorite thing?”

My Four Year Old: “My Scissor Skills class, with Miss T.”

Me: “Is Miss T nice or is she not as nice as your art teacher?”

My Four Year Old: “Oh she’s nice.”

Me: “Then why is that your least favorite thing?”

My Four Year Old: “Because scissor skills are hard.  But Miss T. is nice.”

Me: “Which one is Miss T?  What does she look like?”

My Four Year Old: “She’s the one with blonde hair, who wears different clothes everyday.”

As Tall As A Windmill

“Daddy,” My Four Year Old said, “I wish I was as tall as a windmill.”

“What would you do if you were that tall?” I asked.

“I would go all over and meet people.” she said.

“Oh my Goodness!  That’s not good!  Are you sure?”

“Why did you say that?”  she asked confused.

“Didn’t you say you would eat people?” I asked, still surprised.

“No silly!” she said laughing.  “I said MEET people.”

“Oh,” I said, relieved.  “But if you were as tall as a windmill, where would you sleep?” I asked.

“I would just sleep in the street.” she said, matter of factly.

“But then, how would the cars drive on the street?” I asked.

“That’s easy,” she said, “I’ll just get up before anyone else, so I won’t get in their way.”