Spider B Gone

When we went to get into the tub for bath time, there was a spider in the tub.  That lead My Four Year Old to declare the following:

“One day, I am going to make a robot called Spider B. Gone.  I am going to make a poison that only kills spiders, and I am going to need a telescope, and a sensor.  The telescope will look and the sensor will sense the spider, and Spider B. Gone will zap the spider with its zapper.  It’s zapper is where the poison will be, and the spider will be poisoned, and then will go right down the drain.”

Banana In My Banana Split

Banana SplitMy mom suggested we get ice cream and said she wanted a banana split.  My Four Year Old said, “Can I please have a banana split too?  I’ve never had one.”  So I picked up two banana splits.

My Four Year Old was eating hers when suddenly there was a sharp intake of breath and she yelled, “Daddy, daddy, look!  Someone put a banana in my ice cream!  Why would they do that?”

“It’s a banana split.” I replied.

“But why would someone put a banana in my banana split?” she asked in an upset voice.