Distract Me

I went to the Texas State Fair yesterday with a car full of people.  When we all got back into the car and started for home, My Five Year Old looked around the car and then said in an enthusiastic voice.

“Okay, who’s supposed to distract me?”

She was ready to be distracted from the long car ride home.  🙂

Finding Kindergarten

My Daughter's StoryThings have been very busy around here as my five year old (yes, she turned five this month!) started Kindergarten.  Because her birthday was THIS month (September) however, the public school system refused to have anything to do with her.  I spoke to several people from the school district and all of them told me the same thing.  The cut off date is September 1st.  She’ll have to wait until next year.

I pleaded with them to just evaluate her for Kindergarten readiness.  I told them that she is already reading, writing, and doing addition and subtraction.  To which they replied that September 1st is the cut off date.

So we started evaluating private schools.  Thankfully, I found a wonderful private school in the area that was perfectly willing to evaluate her.  They warned me that they were going to do an honest evaluation and that if she wasn’t ready it would be better for everyone if she waited a year.  I wholeheartedly agreed, as this is all I had been looking for in the first place.  They evaluated her and she passed with flying colors.

Incidentally, the picture is something she gave me over the summer (June or July) which, to me, was one example of her readiness.  The only help I gave her with it was to answer one single spelling question.

“Daddy, how do you spell the ‘their’ that doesn’t mean you are somewhere but means someone has something?”

The story reads “WUNS THERE WUS LITLL PUPES AND THEIR MOTHER”  (The R at the end looks a bit like an A, but she confirmed that it is in fact an R).

Or, translated, “Once, there was little pups and their mother.”

The picture is of a dog lying in the grass with her puppies climbing onto her stomach.

First School Lunch

I’ve been meaning to post some of these, but things have been super busy. My daughter started Kindergarten this month. We’ve been having fun making her school lunches every day, though day 1 had some mixed results as you’ll see. I got one of these Hello Kitty sandwich cutters.



You can see from her lunch box that Hello Kitty is very popular at my house.






In the top tray there are cherry tomatoes (with a panda pick to eat them), yogurt, Amy’s White Cheddar Bunnies, and Annie’s organic bunny fruit snacks.


When you lift off the top tray you see the sandwich. You might also notice the mixed results I mentioned. My daughter wanted to make a Hello Kitty PB&J. The results made me think of Steel Magnolias for some reason…