He’s a Mean One!

“Daddy, there’s a spider!” my five year old yelled.

“Oh good!” I yelled back, “He’ll keep away the bugs.”

“No Daddy, you have to come get this one.” she implored.  “He’s a mean one!”

“Oh no, a mean one?” I said, “What did he do that was mean?”

“He didn’t do anything.” she said, “But he’s mean, I can tell.”

“How can you tell?” I asked.

“He looks like a mean one.  I know that look.” she answered.

I walked over and looked, “Well, it looks like he’s a dead one.  I guess the dead spiders are also the mean ones?”

“Yes daddy, now please get him.” she said.  So I got a kleenex and scooped the mean, dead thing.

Blank Pants

My Five Year Old: “Do I have any blank pants?”

Me: “What are blank pants?”

My Five Year Old: “Blank is another word for white.”

Me: “Oh?  I didn’t know that.”

My Five Year Old: “Yeah, like with paper.  You know like, I need a blank sheet of paper.”

Which State Has The Tyrannosaurus Rex With The Wizard Hat?

I was looking at coins with My Five Year Old and discussing how a lot of the quarters have different pictures on the tails side because of all the state quarters.  So she was pulling quarters out of her piggy back and asking, “Which state is this?” and we were discussing the different states.

The she pulled out a quarter and said, “Okay this one has a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a wizard hat, and a pterodactyl flying over a pirate ship.  Which state has the Tyrannosaurus Rex with the wizard hat Daddy?”

“Let me see that,” I said, confused.  Then looking at the quarter I said, “Oh, that’s Florida.”