Space Treasure

My Five Year Old, My Girlfriend, and I were driving when My Five Year Old pointed toward the sky. “Look, some airplanes were there.  They left trails.” she said.

I glanced out the window and saw the white lines in the sky, “Yup” I answered.

Then, all of the sudden, My Five Year Old started getting excited.  “Those trails make an X!  And X marks the spot.  That must mean, there is treasure is space!”

Then she turned to us and asked it as a question, “Is there treasure in space?”

“Oh yes,” I replied, “there is lots of treasure in space.”

My Five Year Old got more excited as she asked the follow up question, “Like, A MILLION?!?”

At this, I was just sitting there thinking “a million what?” but My Girlfriend smiled and answered, “More than that.”

My Five Year Old’s eyes got really wide and she said, “WOW!”