Different Kinds Of Infinity

infinity“Daddy, did you know that if you count numbers that they go on forever?” My Five Year Old asked me.

“Yes I did.” I replied, “Do you know what that is called when numbers go on forever.”

“Yes,” she answered, “that’s called infinity.  Morna told me that.”

“Well,” I asked, “did you know there are different kinds of infinity?”

“Oh sure,” she said, “for example there’s counting numbers, and there’s T.V. shows.”

“T.V. shows?” I asked, surprised.

“Oh sure,” she said, “whenever you finish watching a T.V. show there is always another one you can watch.”

Table For Three

My Five Year Old, My Girlfriend, and I were walking around Denton square and we went into Cartwright’s for dinner.  Cartwright’s is a casual restaurant and when we walked in we were told to seat ourselves.

My Five Year Old began walking from table to table, passing by all the tables in the front of the restaurant.  She started toward the back of the restaurant, and one of the employees said, “I’m sorry, but the back room is closed.”

My Five Year Old looked at him with exasperation and said, “But I can’t find any tables for three people!”

Another waitress overheard this and said smiling”No, we don’t have any triangle shaped tables.”

My girlfriend and I quickly explained that we could sit at a table for four and just leave a chair vacant.  My girlfriend even offered up the idea that the fourth chair could be for her purse.