Staying in the Fight

When my nine year old was a three year old she did her first horseback riding lessons, and she also fell off a horse for the first time.  The instructor helped her stand back up and told her the best thing for her to do was get right back up on the horse.  She agreed immediately, and was back up and riding a moment later.  It’s a moment of pride I still remember fondly, when she literally got back on the horse.

We’ve been doing Taekwondo together now for almost four years and when my nine year old reached brown belt she ran into a new obstacle.  At brown belt board breaking became part of the test and she didn’t break her boards.  Even though this meant not passing her belt test, she was still committed to seeing it though and says she will still someday get her black belt.

Last night we went to testing again.  She did her form, then did two rounds of sparring.  Then, during her third and final round of sparing she got kicked right in the eye.  She dropped down to her knees and the instructor asked, “Can you still fight?”  She shook her head no, holding her hand over her eye.  The instructor then said, “You are still testing.  Can you get up and finish your test?”  At this my daughter immediately nodded her head yes, and then got back up and finished the sparring round.  I was very proud of her and was reminded of the horse years ago as she literally didn’t quit the fight.

Oh, and in case you’re curious she also broke both of her boards!