He’s a Mean One!

“Daddy, there’s a spider!” my five year old yelled.

“Oh good!” I yelled back, “He’ll keep away the bugs.”

“No Daddy, you have to come get this one.” she implored.  “He’s a mean one!”

“Oh no, a mean one?” I said, “What did he do that was mean?”

“He didn’t do anything.” she said, “But he’s mean, I can tell.”

“How can you tell?” I asked.

“He looks like a mean one.  I know that look.” she answered.

I walked over and looked, “Well, it looks like he’s a dead one.  I guess the dead spiders are also the mean ones?”

“Yes daddy, now please get him.” she said.  So I got a kleenex and scooped the mean, dead thing.

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